in response to Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge #357

Use High (I used far beyond) and Refresh (I used redeem) in an haiku.

I will fly away

far beyond silent treatment

redeem my suffering

May 2021, remembering a time I felt left out, then smiled a way forward. First I was hurt, then I redeemed the occasion.


you confounded me

yellow-headed hummingbird

wearing a cap of pollen

I was puzzled by the two yellow-headed hummingbirds around the blooming Brittlebush in the Sonoran Desert. They are pollinators along with other vertebrates!

Vertebrate pollinators include bats, non-flying mammals, including several species of monkey, rodents, lemur, tree squirrels, olingo and kinkajou, and birds such as hummingbirds, sunbirds, honeycreepers and some parrot species.

It has been a while

I have been gone for awhile. This is a test that I have reinstated the account access.

Today I hiked a new trail in South Mountain Park (Phoenix), bought local produce and pecans, had lunch at Wendy’s and now I am ready to check out for a long nap. BTW there aren’t many Wendy’s restaurants around and I love their french fries. They did not disappoint!

Preying Mantis


summer elegance

green, stately, silent approach

will you stay or leave?


preying mantis eyes

silently approach, unfazed

we meet in wonder


the Creator birthed

me and thee, preying mantis

sharing summer space


Copyright Aug. 29, 2020
by Jean J Luce


Seated together – my established white hair and his restless 40 years.
We were bound for Phoenix, home for me, a plane change for him.
He had a lot to say, many questions. He was excited about airplanes, hamburgers, a vacation. His sister would meet him in Yuma, his mother saw him off in Vancouver.
An airline escort checked on him.
What food do you like? I had barbecue last night. Do you like barbecue? I like pork chops too. Do you like . . .
I produced a book of poetry as an escape, he ordered more coffee and five sugar packets.
He asked what I was reading. I read aloud a poem by Emily Dickinson.
We should think about these words, I say.
We offered feelings about the few stanzas; we listened; we talked.
As we concluded he rubbed his hands together and announced,
That was fun! Let’s do another one.

different wavelengths
read poetry together
in the troposphere

Jean Luce
revised May 29, 2020
My first haibun!