Canyon Haiku

Items packed, repacked

Second thoughts in my night world

Okay by morning.

hiker at switchback

This haiku fits in concept Ronovan Writes Challenge using Question and Resolve.

I planned a Grand Canyon hike to commemorate my 80th birthday in November 2018.  It was a challenging 4.7 mile hike into the canyon, an overnight in a tent (it was 30 degrees) and a hike out the next day.  I questioned if I had been too ambitious.  In the end my resolve along with training and reading and being coached won the day.



3 thoughts on “Canyon Haiku

  1. I’ll need to hear about your hike when you come East next time.  Did you camp at Indian Springs?  I’m wondering how far down 4.7 miles is.  Harriet Harriet Davies 302-422-7194


  2. Yes, to camping at Indian Springs. That is the 4.7 mile mark. On Monday I hiked in Prescott, Tuesday at South Kaibab (an hour down and a little more back), Wednesday at Bright Angel (1.5 down and back) Thursday to Indian Gardens, Friday the mandatory up and TJ carried his pack and mine the last three miles!


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